Helsingfors Universitet (Videographer)

Angel Films (Valo & Grip)

Digi People Studio (Videographer) 

Studentbladet (Photographer) 

Östra Finlands Nation (Photographer) 

Akilles Handboll (Editor) 

Robert Sjöblom Media (Photographer) 

Hiusgalleria Salon Eliza (Photographer) 

Spinview Global (Still Photographer) 

Yle X3M (Media assistent) 

Yle Vega Turku (Media technician) 

KSF MEDIA (Photographer) 

Yle Vega (Media assistent) 


How it all started?

The Business?

About Me:

My name is Simon Bergholm. I have a big passion working as a DOP, cinematographer, 1st AC, Focus Puller & Camera Operator. I speak 3 languages, Swedish, Finnish and English and Swedish is my mother tongue. I live in Helsinki Finland.

It all started back in 2012, when I began studying filmmaking at Axxell City G18 in Helsinki for a year. We shot music videos, green screen and other small projects to learn the basics. At the end of my first year, I knew that I wanted to learn more and become better at filmmaking so I started studying at Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum in Helsinki as a Media Assistant.

Studying to become a media assistent in Prakticum was a good time for me to dig deeper into the basics about lighting, still photography and cinematography. In 2016 I graduated as a media assistent, but I wasn't satisfied yet in what I had accomplished... I knew that if I wanted to become the best I can be, I need a higher level of education so that's when I packed my bags from Porvoo and moved to Helsinki to study Media Culture ”Foto & Klipp” at Arcada University Of Applied Sciences.

Since I started studying at Arcada I’ve been involed in many different video productions, such as music videos, short films, documentaries etc. (You can go and visit my film page here on my website to watch all the best projects I’ve been involed).

Now in 2019 I’m making a 20-30 minutes documentary, 3 music videos to the artist Yung Jubbz and a shortfilm which I’m really excited about.

Everyday I'm learning something new and my biggest dream is to work as a DP for a long film one day. Best part of my job is my freelance abilities that I get to meet new people almost everyday and working with different video projects.